What is Doggie Daycare

Dog Daycare is a new concept in canine care designed and made popular by owners who love their dogs but who happen to work long hours. It offers busy dog owners the option of giving their dogs a day of play rather than boredom and frustration alone at home. Ruff n’ Tumble is a cageless environment where all of our doggy guests spend an entire day playing in groups of canine and human friends. Your dog can have increased confidence and agility and learn by interacting with other dogs to build positive social behavior.

All animal care providers know that a dog’s disposition can be profoundly influenced by the amount of exercise and attention he or she receives. For dog owners, leaving their pooch alone for long stretches at a time adds guilt to an already overextended lifestyle. For the dogs, chronic isolation can be serious, resulting in separation anxiety and dysfunctional, even destructive behavior. Dogs are pack animals and crave companionship and stimulation of other dogs and humans. Ruff n’ Tumble provides that companionship, plus loads of exercise in a safe, supervised and constructive environment. If you work long days, if your dog is a rambunctious puppy or adolescent, or if you just would like to socialize your dog with other canines and humans, this is for you!

While at daycare, you dog can bark, chew, dig, run and play in a stress-free environment.